Working conditions and sustainable work : an analysis using the job quality framework

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Descrizione: Working conditions and sustainable work : an analysis using the job quality framework / European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. - Dati testuali elettronici. - Luxembourg : Publications Office of the European Union, 2021
Sommario/Abstract: This flagship report summarises the key findings of Eurofound’s research on working conditions conducted over the programming period 2017–2020. It maps the progress achieved since 2000 in improving working conditions and examines whether all workers have benefited equally from positive change. It highlights which groups are the most at risk of experiencing poor working conditions and being left behind. Given the changes in the world of work, emerging challenges for good job quality are identified. The report also provides evidence for measures that could lead to the further improvement of work and the achievement of fair working conditions for all in the EU. The analysis shows that, overall, job quality in the EU is improving, if slowly. Not all workers are benefiting to the same extent, however.
Numeri: ISBN (13): ISBN 978-92-897-2150-9 (pdf)
DOI: 10.2806/938302 (pdf)
European foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions -  [Responsabilità principale]
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Condizioni di lavoro
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