The evaluation society

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Descrizione: The evaluation society / Peter Dahler-Larsen. - Stanford : Stanford University press, 2012. - X, 265 p. ; 23 cm.
Sommario/Abstract: Evaluation—whether called by this name, quality assurance, audit, accreditation, or others—is an important social activity. Any organization that "lives in public" must now evaluate its activities, be evaluated by others, or evaluate others. What are the origins of this wave of evaluation? And, what worthwhile results emerge from it? This book argues that if we want to understand many of the norms, values, and expectations that we, sometimes unknowingly, bring to evaluation, we should explore how evaluation is demanded, formatted, and shaped by two great principles of social order: organization and society. With this understanding, we can more conscientiously participate in evaluation processes; better position ourselves to understand many of the mysteries, tensions, and paradoxes in evaluation; and use evaluation in a more informed way.
Numeri: ISBN (13): 9780804788618
Dahler-Larsen, Peter -  [Responsabilità principale]
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[Classificazione Decimale Dewey] 001.4 - Conoscenza. Ricerca. Metodi statistici.
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Lingua: Inglese
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