The transformation of work

Natura: Monografia - Materiale testuale - Risorsa elettronica
Descrizione: The transformation of work / Social Europe, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. - Dati testuali elettronici. - Berlin : Social Europe Publishing, 2021. - (Social Europe dossier)
Sommario/Abstract: The future of work is an ever-present concern for workers in a globalised economy characterised by footloose finance, fickle supply chains and above all ‘flexible’ labour markets. Fewer and fewer workers enjoy regular labour contracts while the erosion of worker security has been critically facilitated by the rise of digital technologies. These have allowed capital to reorganise labour on a scale never imagined before. Such topics are addressed in this paper trying to see the way along for new forms of "sustainable" capitalism.
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Numeri: ISBN (13): 9783948314194
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Digital economy
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[Classificazione Decimale Dewey] 331.01 - Economia del lavoro. Filosofia e teoria
Paese pubblicazione: Germania
Lingua: Inglese
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