Governance networks in public administration and public policy

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Descrizione: Governance networks in public administration and public policy / Christopher Koliba, Jack W. Meek, Asim Zia. - Boca Raton [etc.] : CRC Press, 2011. - XXXVI, 349 p. ; 24 cm. - (Public administration and public policy ; 158)
Sommario/Abstract: Providing a theoretical and empirical foundation in governance networks, the book offers a conceptual framework for describing governance networks and provides a holistic way to conceive their construction. The text details the skills and functions of public administrators in the context of networked relationships and presents the theoretical foundations to analyze governance networks. It identifies the reforms and trends in governing that led to governance networks, explains the roles that various actors take on through networked relationships, highlights the challenges involved in the failure of networked activities, and illustrates how policy tools are mobilized by these relationships.
Collezione: [Fa parte di] Public administration and public policy ; 158 [Vai al dettaglio]
Numeri: ISBN (13): 9781420071269
Koliba, Christopher -  [Responsabilità principale]
Meek, Jack W. -  [Responsabilità alternativa]
Zia, Asim -  [Responsabilità alternativa]
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Paese pubblicazione: Stati Uniti
Lingua: Inglese
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